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Hospital Planning & Strategy

Hospital Planning & Strategy   Services There may be many visionaries with a lot of ideas and resources in terms of creating a healthcare facility and contributing to society, but not all of them taste success in transforming their dreams into reality. We enable such visionaries to fulfill their dreams with the help of our […]

Operations & Management

Operations & Management   Services Implementation of a Quality Management System and Quality Assurance system is one of our key competencies. Besides planning, we also exhibit excellence in developing systems and operations of healthcare facilities. We help the facility in its effective functioning, leading to the delivery of quality healthcare. We also modify the existing […]

Public & Rural Health

Public and Rural Health Care   Services Octavo Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has contributed to the field of public & rural health in various capacities. We address various public health issues like maternal, neonatal, and child health, nutrition, disaster control, vital statistics surveil environmental health and sanitation, quality assurance, training of public health workers, etc., and […]

Equipment Planning & Procurement

Medical Equipment Planning & Procurement   Services Following are the parts of Equipment planning and Procurement Assistance provided by our Organization: Step 1 Development of Detailed Equipment Lists Step 2 Technology of Guidance Report Step 3 Need Assessment, Equipment Budgeting, Selection and Procurement Step 4 Delivery Co-ordination and Management Step 5 Vendor Management Step 6 […]

Public-Private Partnerships

PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP   Services As an amalgamation with Feedback Ventures and Deloitte Group, Octavo Solutions was involved in developing a service plan, facility plan (macro & micro), equipment plan, human resource plan, financial projection, business model development, framing RFQ & RFP documents, setting up performance monitoring system (performance-linked payment system) and service level descriptions for […]

Capacity Building

Skill Development & Capacity Building   Services As a core Hospital and Healthcare consultancy firm, we have wide experience in training Healthcare providers in all dimensions of Healthcare. With our experts from various domains, we have successfully trained more than 10,000 personnel by now. Our experience of Training in Healthcare includes both the Public and […]

Quality Certification & Accreditation

Quality Certification / Accreditation   Services In the field of Accreditation and Quality Assurance, Octavo Solutions has been recognized as a leader time and again. We guarantee the quality assurance of an organization by ensuring that the structure, processes, and outcomes of the organization are commensurate with the needs of the national and international accreditation […]